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What is siteselector ?

siteselector is a business tool that helps you generate and choose a new domain name but it's more than just a front-end for whois.

Unlike simple domain name checkers siteselector will generate words associated with or having similar meaning to your keywords. It will also find possible competitor sites and show you a preview of their home page.

There are several advantages to generating new domain names and displaying existing domain names on one page:

  • saves time cross-checking many different url's
  • avoids having a large number of browser tabs open, slowing down your computer
  • gives you an overview of the market for your business

Because of this added functionality siteselector does take some time to complete it's task.

siteselector is easy to use.

Just supply either one or two keywords that describe your new website or business and click find.

If you have subscribed to siteselector you may also edit the list of domain suffix by clicking the suffix button.

siteselector will do six things:

  • Generate a list of similar words for each keyword
  • If two keywords are supplied, permutate the two lists together
  • For each suffix with each item in the list check to see if the domain name is registered
  • For domains not registered check to see if it is hosted
  • For domains registered but not hosted try to determine the registration expiry date
  • For hosted domains attempt to create a preview image of the site

If you like any of the available domain or business names generated click on the register button to go to with the domain already chosen.

Terms of use

You must register to use siteselector. Email confirmation is required.

You will be able to use siteselector 3 times for free with the following limitations:

  • The suffix list cannot be edited
  • Only 2 alternatives will be found for each keyword
If you wish to continue to use siteselector after that you must pay $5 which will allow you unlimited use of siteselector for a whole year. In the paid version:
  • The number of alternatives per keyword is 8
  • You can add or remove any suffix from the list

Add or remove any suffix leaving a space between each one
Repeat password

siteselector costs just $5 per year !

This is a one-off payment which entitles you to unlimited use of siteselector for a whole year; you will not be automatically re-charged.